Timing chains

Bush chain – simplex and duplex

The chain with excellent wear resistance and minimal friction losses.

The simplex and duplex bush chain with a 3/8" pitch was designed for timing drives with more exacting requirements such as diesel engines.
Owing to their small pitch, bush chains with a pitch of 7 or 8 mm cut the weight and consequently reduce the centrifugal forces and impact speed. They are therefore particularly suited to high-speed drives (e.g. mass balancing drives).

Roller chain – simplex and duplex

The acoustically optimized chain with gap damping between roller and bush plus excellent wear resistance for high-speed applications.

Simplex and duplex roller chains with a 3/8" pitch are used primarily in timing drives, oil pump drives and drives for auxiliary units, especially for petrol engines.
Owing to its smaller pitch, a roller chain with an 8 mm pitch cuts the weight and consequently reduces the centrifugal forces and impact speed. It is therefore ideal for downsizing to timing drives with moderate loads.

Inverted tooth chain with single pin joints

The virtually silent chain with excellent wear resistance.

The meshing of the toothed links with the sprocket gives this chain optimum acoustic properties for timing drives where acoustics are crucial, especially for petrol engines. The 8 mm pitch is also suitable for higher load chain drives, while the low weight of the 6.35 mm pitch makes it ideal for downsizing timing drives with moderate loads.

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