Measuring and testing expertise

All measurements (surfaces, form/position, teeth parameters, geometrical dimensions) can be performed and analysed in-house at iwis using modern state-of-the-art measuring equipment. The work includes devising special measurement solutions to meet our own internal needs as well as close cooperation with customers and suppliers to resolve any measurement issues.

Our employees naturally undergo regular training in areas such as form and positional tolerances, measuring strategies, measurement software etc. This applies to all iwis's locations worldwide.

Computer tomography

  • Analysis of components for inclusions, cavities and correct assembly
  • Nominal/actual comparison following CAD
  • Generation of STL files for subsequent surface reconstruction in CAD

Toothing measurement centre

  • Exclusive to iwis for inverted tooth chain sprockets
  • State-of-the-art measuring equipment
  • Measurement of rotationally symmetric parts

3D coordinate measuring equipment

  • Standard software for all locations
  • Continually updated measurement software

Multisensor coordinate measuring machines

  • Laser-optical-tactile
  • For use in production and in the measurement room
  • For both purchase parts and parts manufactured in-house

Form testers

  • Measuring the roundness of purchase and parts manufactured in-house

Contour measuring stations

  • For use in production and in the measurement room

Surface testing

  • State-of-the-art tests for all customary characteristics
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