Quality assurance

iwis stands for superior quality. Rigorous quality assurance along the entire production chain guarantees we fulfil all our customers' requirements.

Our incoming goods inspections ensure the highest quality standards for:

  • Unalloyed, low-alloy and highly alloyed steel
  • Turned, precision-blanked, sintered and milled parts
  • Raw materials (wire, sheet metal, powder)
  • Die-cast aluminium and magnesium parts
  • Plastic injection-moulded parts

In-process testing for:

  • Heat-treatment processes such as hardening and tempering
  • Coating processes such as chromizing, nitriding, carburizing, nickel-plating and boriding
  • Mechanical processes such as punching, fine blanking, barrel-finishing and shot-peening

Product audits are conducted to identify chain-specific values such as:

Tensile strength
Residual contamination as per VDA
Fatigue strength
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