b.dry maintenance-free Stainless Steel Chains

More than just stainless steel:
extremely wear-resistant, corrosion-free and absolutely dry

Anywhere that relubrication is either undesirable or impossible, b.dry chains come into their own: Hygienic and without using any lubricants, they stand up to any comparison in terms of performance. Their wear life is significantly longer than comparable chains: in dry condition twice better, with an initial lubrication, even four times better.

b.dry chains are made from corrossion-free, maintenance-free CF stainless steel with an optimized articulated link that represents a masterpiece of high precision. The secret of the b.dry range is to consign the old notions of „steel on steel“ to the past! The fact that no lubricants are needed is thanks to our b.dry bushes, which are made from a special, high-performance polymer. The capabilities of this material are absolutely unparalleled. b.dry products run completely dry, but are still more resistant to wear and corrosion, stronger and have a longer service life than comparable chains.

Chain elongation performance of a b.dry roller chain with and without initial lubrication

The performance of the chain can be increased fourfold by using our lubricant, which has been approved for use with foodstuffs.

Dry, chain type 12B-1

With initial lubrication, chain type 12B-2

  • In aggressive environments
  • In environments in which water or steam are applied and with strict cleaning regulations for e.g.:
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Automobile industry paint lines
  • Food processing industry
  • Clean room applications
  • Properties of individual parts that are perfectly harmonized with each other reduce chain wear and dramatically increase service life. b.dry chains are extremely reliable, withstand high dynamic loads and are corrosion-resistant.
  • b.dry chains are completely dry-running. No lubrication is necessary, thanks to a high-performance plastic friction bearing in the articulated link.
  • High-performance polymer bushes are FDA-compliant, heavy-duty and low-friction. Contact with foodstuffs or hygiene products is safe.
  • Stainless steel bushes: thin-walled, seamless and ball-drifted. This gives b.dry chains greater strength and considerably increases their resistance to wear.
  • CF base chain is made from austenitic stainless steel.
  • Extremely high resistance to aggressive media.
  • Information on chemical resistance of the b.dry chains and bush available on request.
  • Length tolerances compliant with ISO 606.
  • Temperature range: –100 °C through + 200 °C.
  • No relubrication required.
  • Also available as roller chains with attachments or extended pins and as custom-developed chains. ANSI chains also on request.

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