JWIS Tube conveyor chains


Gentle support and reliable transportation for thin-walled hollow bodies through several processing stations (cleaning, painting, drying...).

Our solution

iwis high performance chains – roller chains with corrosion-resistant, easy to change attachments. Exclusive to iwis.


  • Transport bars can be changed easily on site using the special iwis tool provided; no need to break the chain or remove it from the machine
  • Adapter and bars made of highly alloyed, corrosion-resistant steels with good elastic characteristics
  • iwis standard roller chains with particular wear-resistant SL-pins are used, so longer service life in comparison with hollow pin chains
  • Transport bars available in required lengths with 1mm graduations
  • Different shapes for bar ends avaiable – for example protection heads made of aluminium or plastic
  • Freely selectable distance between the bars
  • 1/2”, 5/8” und 3/4” also available in curved side design (only ANSI)
  • Basic chains also available in maintenance free version (MEGAlife)

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Technical features

  • The bars are pinched onto the extended pins of the basic chain using an adapter and are secured by beading.
  • If repairs are required, the bar can be exchanged quickly and easily by breaking open the adapter using a special iwis tool.


  • Everywhere tubes and other thin-walled hollow bodies (cans) are conveyed, cleaned, painted, dried, etc.

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