JWIS Transfer chains – High wear resistance and durability

Problem/starting point: Open conveyor systems are susceptible to contamination by foreign bodies or small parts, which can cause belt malfunction or damage the goods.

Our solution:
Fully enclosed parts conveyor (= TF) chains with wear-resistant, rugged snap-on plastic attachments prevent malfunctions caused by foreign bodies etc.

  • All-round protection of functional components of the chain: attachments enclose the chain on three sides, even in the vicinity of the chain wheels
  • Gentle handling of delicate goods
  • Close-fitting covers prevent the risk of injuries and malfunctions
  • Outside of the chain is absolutely clean, so no accumulation of dust
  • Low level of friction in the event of intentional or accidental stoppage of goods conveyed
  • Drive chain remains clean, even under adverse operating conditions
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical running
  • No lifting of the load in the vicinity of the chain wheels
  • Various drive chains available e.g. nickel-plated, maintenance-free or corrosion-proof
  • Different initial lubricant possibilities, depending on individual application
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Conveyor and warehouse technology
  • Packaging and food industry
  • Electronic components and PCB production
  • Electrical goods and household appliances
  • Medical devices and pharmaceuticals
  • Wood, glass and pottery processing
  • Chemicals and process engineering
  • Printing and paper industry
  • … and all other applications that call for gentle handling.

The chain is particularly suitable for machine-processed parts –
even items with sensitive surfaces.

Technical characteristics

Chain design
Friction coefficients of 0.1 to 0.3 are assumed for determination of chain tensile force, depending on conveyor situation.

Drive chain calculation is performed in accordance with the examples set out in the iwis Chain Engineering Handbook or via the iwis chain calculation programme available on our website.

It goes without saying that you can count on iwis’ help and support if you have enquiries about details of chain design. Please let us know in case you need help.

Attachment characteristics
iwis supplies attachments for the following applications:

  1. Standard applications:
    Temperature range up to +100°C, standard optimised wear resistance
  2. High-temperature applications:
    Temperature range up to +140°C
  3. Applications requiring enhanced wear resistance
  4. Antistatic applications

Information on chemical resistance, hygroscopic properties or other possible attachment versions (e.g. flame-retardant material)  available on request.

Corrosion resistance / Low- or maintenance-free operation
Corrosion-resistant CR chains, nickel-plated chains or low-maintenance MEGAlife chains for maximum service life can be used as base chains for  parts conveyor chains. For more information on these chains, please refer to the catalogue “JWIS precision chain systems for drive and conveyor applications”.

Selecting the right lubricant and the approriate lubrication method guarantees minimisation of chain wear, adequate corrosion protection and optimum damping performance. The base chain can be treated with one of  the iwis initial lubricants in accordance with the required application. For an overview of lubricants, please refer to the catalogue  “JWIS precision chain systems for drive and conveyor applications”.

No lifting of loads in the vicinity of the chain wheels


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