Side Bow Chains: the chains that take every curve in their stride!

ELITE side bow chains are generally used as conveyor or drag chains in applications that require curved tracks. The chains may have different bow radii. As a rule, the pin diameter of these chains is smaller, but conical pins or bi-conical bushes are also a possibility.



  • Construction dimensions of side bow chains follow standard ISO 606
  • Standard sprockets can be used
  • Side bow chains can be supplied with special lubricants or special coatings on request
  • We supply side bow chains with attachments such as bent attachment plates or extended pins on request.
  • Please refer to the FLEXON flat top chain catalogue for additional side bow chain versions e.g. with extended pins or plastic plates.
  • We also design complex solutions for integrated complete systems
  • Suitable chain sprockets also supplied on request

Industries and Applications:

  • Conveyor technology
  • Cleaning technology and industrial laundries
  • High-temperature environments
  • Textile industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Logistics systems
  • Food and beverage industry
  • … and much more besides

Our Product Range:

JWIS Side bow chains
For the full range and associated technical data please see our catalog Precision Chain Systems.

ELITE Side bow chains

For the full range and associated technical data please see our 
ELITE High performance roller and conveyor chain catalogue.


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