ELITE roller chains

High-performance roller chains for every application

ELITE roller chains boast a long lifespan and a significantly greater fatigue strength than required by the relevant standard. All ELITE transmission roller chains are highly prestretched and eliDUR, a synthetic chain oil, is applied as initial lubricant.

ASA chains are available for applications with extremely high loads, as are strengthened versions of chains manufactured according to the European standard. Chains in our H, HV and HSP series have the same dimensions as the corresponding ASA chains, but their plates are as thick as the next larger size of chain.


  • All chains are based on the minimum requirements of ISO 606 (DIN 8187/8188)
  • Use of heat-treated and case-hardened steel alloys
  • Size and application-optimized heat treatment of all chain parts
  • On request iwis can supply marked pair or set-matched chains.
  • Our high quality assurance standards comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2006
  • HV and HSP chains achieve their very high tensile strength through the use of special highly alloyed heat-treated steel

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