Roller chains with numerous standard or iwis special attachments

A world of different ways to create your drive system!

iwis is your expert partner for classic conveyor or »attachement« chains constructed to standard ISO 606 (DIN 8187 and DIN 8188). A variety of different standardised attachments provide valuable assistance when designing, developing and configuring machines and plants. iwis attachments are suitable for use not only with the iwis DIN-compliant roller chain range, but also with the product ranges MEGAlife maintenance-free, CR and stainless steel.


Besides stocking a comprehensive range of standard attachments (straight and bent attachment plates, extended pins), iwis is also a specialist developer and manufacturer of special attachments for a highly diverse range of uses. Rapid turnaround of orders for special items made to individual customer specifications.

iwis also offers an Express Service (Rapid Service) for selected conveyor chains.from the JWIS and ELITE brand product ranges.

iwis-Straight attachment plates

Straight attachment plates

for iwis roller chains complying with ISO 606 and ISO 1275.

iwis-Bent attachments plates

Bent attachments plates

for iwis roller chains complying with ISO 606 and ISO 1275.

iwis-Special straight attachments plates

Special straight attachments plates 

For individual conveyor chains for precise applications.

iwis-Special bent attachements plates

Special bent attachements plates 

Extensive product range for a wide variety of chain designs.

iwis-Extended bearing pins

Extended bearing pins

All pin cycle configurations are possible to be mounted.

iwis-Multiple strand connecting links

Multiple strand connecting links

Permit components to be fitted easily at specific locations on the chain.

iwis-U-shaped attachements

U-shaped attachements

For iwis conveyor chains complying with ISO 606.

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