Push Pull Chains

Transmit compressive and tensile forces – usually without additional guides

Push Pull Chains are flexible only on one side for pushing loads and for bridging gaps without guides. Compact in design, the chains are suitable for transmitting tensile and compressive forces, and do not need a guidance system even over longer distances.


Customized push pull chains developed by iwis are used all over the world in applications such as medical technology, conveyor systems, building services engineering or machine tools.

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Compact design

iwis Push Pull Chains characterized by their compact design. They are suitable for transmitting compressive and tensile forces, making it possible to bridge relatively long gaps without guides. These push pull chains operate in a similar way to a linear drive so a continuously circulating chain drive is not required. The degree of side bow and back bend can be adjusted individually. The chains are available in different sizes and for different types of drives. A high lifting capacity is also possible.


iwis Push Pull Chains are often also called anti-backbend chains.

In-house research and development

At iwis we have been developing push pull chains in our in-house R&D department for over 15 years. We are continually feeding new research findings about the factors that influence geometries and chain assembly into the technical properties of the chain. Developed to meet customer-specific requirements in close cooperation with users, these chains can be manufactured at a number of different production plants. Among other things, the services we offer as a manufacturer include wear, fatigue strength and tensile strength analyses. Quality is ensured using testing methods and inspection equipment also developed in-house.

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