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Plate chains from iwis

JWIS branded plate chains ensure the safe, smooth conveying and accumulation of many kinds of goods. Their design allows extremely tight curve radii, which in turn means a much more economical use of space than other conveyor systems. Their flat conveying surface and enclosure of the roller chain itself are additional advantages, as they help to prevent possible injury to operating staff or damage to the conveyed goods. 


  • Wide variety of different plate shapes allows individualised conveyor system design
  • Various alternative plate materials available
  • The iwis plate chain program includes roller chains according to standard ISO 606 (DIN 8187), ISO 1275 (DIN 8181) as well as works standard
  • Low noise emission
  • Effective protection of functional areas of the chain
  • Intermeshing design of plates provides a continuous flat surface for workpiece transport
  • Special plate shape allows the construction of very tight bends
  • Long conveying distances possible in very small spaces
  • No risk of injury
  • DIN sprockets may be used
  • CAD data of all plate chain types available


  • Conveyor technology
  • Beverage industry
  • Automotive industry
  • General engineering
  • Packaging and food industry
  • Medical technology and pharmaceutical industry
  • Machine-to-machine linking and automation
  • Storage and buffer systems
  • Tool transport
  • Under-floor conveyors


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