ELITE Heavy-duty cranked-link transmission chains

Heavy-duty cranked-link transmission chains

Rotary chains were developed primarily for chain drive applications involving extremely heavy loads or particularly adverse operating conditions. Chains of this type are particularly resistant to violent shocks, wear and extreme operating conditions.


  • For the most part, rotary chain dimensions are standardized under ISO 3512, ANSI B 29.10 and DIN 8182.
  • Rotary chain links are all constructed to the same pattern, making it easier to lengthen or shorten the chains when required.
  • All links are subject to the same level of wear.
  • ELITE rotary chains with cranked links are fitted with cotter pins
  • The chain plates are available in naturally hardened steel or special tempered steel, according to the expected mechanical load.
  • Chains subjected to extremely high loads are fitted with induction hardened pins, making them not only extremely tough, but also giving them the highest possible level of surface hardness.

Industries and applications:

  • Excavators
  • Caterpillar track vehicles
  • Drilling rigs
  • … and much more besides

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