JWIS Grip Chains: Reliable high performer!

Gripchains with wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant clamping elements are used for gripping, pulling and transporting thin-walled materials with large surface areas. For example, in the packaging industry, the food industry and the electrical industry as well as in the production of circuit boards or in the metal processing.


Delicate materials such as foil packaging, thin sheet metal , synthetic materials and other plate-type, hard materials must be handled carefully. Material being conveyed should not be damaged during transporting, positioning, feeding, pulling in and pulling out, punching, welding, filling, coating, cutting, stretching, shaping or sealing.

iwis grip chains with clamping elements provide an optimal feed of materials due to their special technique of pivoting grippers. The conveyed material can be precisely positioned by secure clamp. Due to the different spring forces, a variety of materials can be gently clamped. Chain and clamping elements are standardly corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and equipped with food-safe initial lubricant.

Key features

  • iwis high performance chain with excellent wear resistance
  • Marginal initial elongation due to optimal pre-stretching
  • High rigidity enables applications also in long machines
  • Basic chain chemical nickel plated
  • Flawless operating parallel as well as synchronously running chains due to practically identical chain lengths
  • All chains are provided with reliable, high quality initial lubrication, approved for use in the food industry
  • Differing levels of spring force allow an extremely wide range of materials to be gripped gently
  • Complete chain solution – ready-to-install
  • Delivery in 50 meter reels or in customized chain lengths
  • Recommended max application speed is 2 m/s

New iwis Grip chain – a complete solution

New iwis Grip chain – a complete solution

Version E
New iwis Grip chain – a complete solution

More space for the plastic film through the optimization of the gripper functioning

Current solution

Current solution

  • Not enough space for foil insertion
  • Point load application on the foil may lead to foil rupture and noise exposure
  • Foil deformation possible at gripper element
    Advantages of the iwis solution

    Advantages of the iwis solution:

    • Accurately fitting of the gripper in the groove
    • Better retention force depending on plastic film
    • Optimized functional safety and hygiene through burling plate
    • Better foil insertion through more free space
    • Foils do not twist

      Grip chain overview

      “1-Tip” Grip chains

      Version A
      “1-Tip” Grip chains

      “Flat clamp” Grip chains

      Version C
      “Flat clamp” Grip chains

      Grip chain with clamp F

      Version F
      Grip chain with clamp F

      “2-Tip” Grip chains

      Version B
      “2-Tip” Grip chains

      “Button” Grip chains

      Version D
      “Button” Grip chains


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