FLEXON Flat Top Chains

The FLEXON maxxTop product range offers both stainless steel and plastic flat top chains. The range also includes conveyor chains made of cast iron and plastic, as well as straight running and sideflexing plate top conveyor chains.


iwis-Plastic flat top chains

Plastic flat top chains

Plastic flat top chains for straight and curved tracks; for various applications, preferably dry running.

iwis-Steel flat top chains

Steel flat top chains

Steel and stainless steel flat top chains for straight and curved tracks; available in various degrees of hardness for different individual applications.

iwis-Hardened stainless steel flat top chains

Hardened stainless steel flat top chains

Special nitrided stainless steel chains with a surface hardness of 67HRC.

High-hardness steel flat top chains

Our high-hardness steel flat top chains offer better corrosion resistance in comparison to standard C45 chains.

iwis-LBP flat top chains

LBP flat top chains

Plastic flat top chains for straight and curved tracks; with integrated rollers for gentle transport of conveyed goods.

iwis-Magnetic corners bends

Magnetic curves

Special magnetic curves with patented magnet shape for significant reduction of stick-slip effects and required drive power. 

iwis-Sprockets and Idler Wheels

Sprockets and Idler Wheels

for the entire FLEXON Flat Top range in single-piece and split versions available.

Industrial applications:

  • Beverage industry

    • Container conveyance
    • Pack conveyor systems
    • Washing machines
    • Bottling plants
    • Packaging machines

  • Packaging industry
  • Glass industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Conveyor technology
  • Cosmetics industry
  • White goods industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Technical information

Every product application has a specific technical background. Our technical information provides details about material specifications, conversion factors, tolerances and chemical resistances – a great help when designing your application.

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