Industrial chains from iwis: precision in its most perfect form for your drive!

Our range of industrial chains offers a comprehensive, high-quality selection of standard products, as well as a large number of special chains that are purpose-built to meet individual customer requirements. 

All drive chains comply with our self-imposed high corporate standards of technical perfection, supreme quality und user benefit.

iwis-Roller chains

Roller chains

Our standard chain range. Corrosion-free and no-maintenance versions also available.

iwis roller chains with attachments

Roller chains with attachments

Classic DIN ISO 606 conveyor chains with various bent and straight attachment plates and special attachments.

MEGAlife maintenance-free chains

MEGAlife maintenance-free chains

Combine outstanding wear protection and long service life with corrosion protection and environmental compatibility.

b.dry maintenance-free Stainless Steel Chains

More than just stainless steel: extremely wear-resistant, corrosion-free and absolutely dry. NEW from iwis.

iwis CR Chains

CR Chains

Corrosion-proof iwis chains with high wear resistance and fatigue strength: a good alternative to stainless steel chains.

iwis grip chains

Grip chains

An iwis solution for packaging and thermoforming machines. Guaranteed reliability, precision and long service life. 

iwis accumulation chains

Accumulation chains

With low-friction rollers to ensure smooth movement of conveyed goods, optimum load distribution and up to 30 % energy savings.

iwis chain with elastomeric profiles

Chain with elastomeric profiles

DIN ISO 606 roller chains with vulcanised-on elastomeric profile for conveying sensitive goods.

iwis transfer chains

Transfer chains

Wear-proof plastic clips create a closed surface for the safe, smooth movement of conveyed goods.

iwis conveyor chains

Large-scale conveyor chains

DIN 8165 and DIN 8167 compliant: bush conveyor chains, deep link chains, scraper chains and much more besides.

iwis hollow pin chains

Hollow pin chains

Many hollow pin roller chain and hollow pin bush chain versions available.

iwis Push Pull Chains

Push Pull Chains

Specially designed for use in confined spaces, these chains offer high flexibility, a wide range of different versions and the opportunity to dispense with a continuous chain drive.

iwis Plate chains

Plate chains

Tight corner radii for safe movement and accumulation of conveyed goods.

iwis Pin Oven Chains

Pin Oven Chains
Pin oven chains are used in drinks can manufacturing and conveying processes (2-piece cans). 

iwis Tube transport chains

Tube transport chains

Used in the manufacturing and conveying of plastic or aluminium tubes and aerosol cans.

iwis Leaf chains

Leaf chains

For challenging hoisting applications. iwis leaf chains are renowned for their high quality, long service life, low wear and high tensile strength.  

iwis Flat Top Chains

Flat Top Chains

Highly versatile. Different versions of steel, stainless steel or plastic chains for straight or curved tracks can be used, depending on product design and requirements,

iwis Plate Top chains

Plate Top chains

Hybrid chains consisting of steel roller chains and plastic plates. These conveyor chains combine the high breaking strength of our roller chains with a flat surface.

iwis Case conveyor chains

Case conveyor chains

Made of plastic/cast steel, these chains are characterised by their robust, straightforward design. They are suitable for harsh environments, and their open construction allows easy removal of dirt.

iwis Multiflex chains

Multiflex chains

Renowned for their high mobility in both horizontal and vertical bends, iwis Safe Top chains always remain completely enclosed, thus reducing the risk of injury to operating staff.

iwis Agricultural machine chains

Agricultural machine chains

Feeder chains, elevator chains, specialist chains and accessories for a wide variety of agricultural engineering applications.

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