Drive Components from iwis.

Besides the optimum chain and sprockets for the task in hand, it is essential to choose the right additional components to ensure that a chain drive always delivers top performance.


iwis supplies the complete range.

iwis-Automatic Tensioners

Automatic Tensioner 

Automatic chain tensioner for ISO 606 roller chains. Various types available for different applications.

iwis-Chain tensioning wheels with ball bearings

Chain tensioning wheels with ball bearings

The push-fit ball bearings make chain tensioning wheels the ideal choice for direction changes.

iwis-Tensioning box

iwis Tensioning box

The ideal chain tensioning system for axial pre-tensioning of chain drives..

iwis-Torque limiters

Torque limiters

Sliding hubs prevent overloads and protect your chain drive

iwis-Torque limiters with chain coupling

Torque limiters with chain coupling

Torque limiters are the ideal way to combine the advantages of a chain coupling and a sliding clutch: reliable power transmission and overload protection.

iwis-Chain coupling

Chain couplings

The outstanding features of chain couplings are their flexibility and durability. A robust element with minimum wear.

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