The iwis calculation program for chain drives

IT intelligence in daily industrial use: iwis has developed special PC software to help you design or choose a chain suited to your purposes.

This program identifies suitable industrial drive chains:

  • For power transmission between parallel shafts
  • For handling static or pulsating loads
  • For use as transport or conveyor chains

The key element of the program is calculating the drive power required to drive a chain. To do this, the type of application is analysed in detail:

  • Output torque
  • Chain loads for conveying tasks
  • Friction on the tensioning and guide rails
  • Bearing friction

In order to optimize chain life, you can therefore vary the operating conditions (e.g. lubrication and dynamics) or you can choose a different type of chain.

Please see our chain handbook for more information about the calculation program. This compendium can be downloaded from our website.

Calculation program

Full offline program with all available types of chain:

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