CCM: The Chain Elongation Monitoring System. iwis.

The new iwis chain elongation monitoring system CCM (Chain Condition Monitoring) measures the wear elongation of chains in operation and gives maintenance staff early warning that the chain is worn and needs to be replaced. Intelligent Chain Monitoring.


Patent for the CCM system pending.

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The award ceremony for the Industry Prize, which takes “Success through Progress” as its motto, was held during the Hannover Messe trade fair again this year. The new CCM System from iwis convinced the panel of judges and took the “Best of 2016” prize in the category Production Technology and Mechanical Engineering.

Intelligent Chain Monitoring

  • Gives maintenance staff time to (re)act!
  • No long downtimes for plant or machinery
  • No risk to promised delivery dates -no interruption of the logistics chain
  • Prevents financial losses caused by missed production
  • Monitoring of precision chain applications
  • "Plug 'n' play" principle applies – does not require calibration etc.

CCM Highlights:

Chain Wear Status: 

Chain wear status is shown on a finely graduated LED display.


Measurement results can be transferred to a computer via USB connection and displayed on a special interface.


Different speed ranges and changes of load direction are not a problem for CCM.

Chain sizes:

The CCM is equally effective on simplex, duplex and triplex chains.


Precise, contact-free measurement with no direct interference in the chain drive.


CCM is quick and easy to integrate - with no need for any special additional components - in numerous chain applications in every industry.

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CCM is is intended only to warn and inform about chain wear status – the system explicitly offers no guarantee against machine breakdowns. Safe, reliable measurement values are only guaranteed if chain guides are fitted on both sides. Although measurement is contact-free and does not interfere directly with the chain drive, it must be performed under clearly defined conditions that are only assured if chain guides are fitted on both sides.

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