Intitial lubricant for EUROCHAIN chains

Here is a selection of our lubricants for EUROCHAIN chains:

Eurochain basic lubricant 

A synthetic high-temperature oil and standard lubricant that is particularly effective in prolonging the service life of our chains in the critical field of mixed friction.

Operating temperature range: -25 °C to +250 °C.


FDA H1-rated food-grade lubricant
The EL-2 lubricant has been developed specially to meet the particular needs of the food industry. As well as having a high pressure absorption capacity, it is water-resistant, odourless, tasteless and provides targeted protection against corrosion.

Eurochain wax lubricant with FDA classification H1 is applied to chain links in special hot immersion baths. This product, which was especially developed for the initial lubrication of chains, possesses outstanding wear resistance characteristics and provides good corrosion protection. In addition to its use in the food industry, iwiDUR is also suitable for many other industrial applications, such as wood and timber processing. Operating temperature range: +25 °C to +80 °C.

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