ELITE Baler Chain Series HBC

The new ELITE Roller Chain Series HBC (Heavy Baler Chain) was specially developed by iwis for heavy-duty baler applications. HBC Roller Chains are a perfect combination of superlative fatigue strength and extremely high wear resistance, yet only require the same space as standard roller chains.


  • All link plates with a higher proportion of clean-cut edges offer longer chain service life and higher retention forces for greater stability.
  • Reduced wear with no change to chain dimensions due to high performance steels and optimized heat treatment process.
  • Optimised plate contours and special materials offer higher fatigue strength compared to the same size of standard chain.
  • Premium quality initial lubricant designed to meet the requirements of baler conditions.
  • Longer maintenance / chain replacement intervals can be attributed to the best ratio of fatigue strength and wear resistance currently available in the market.

Comparison of fatigue resistance

Wear performance


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