Making visions a reality – with iwis!


Both now and in the future, we want to constantly impress our customers with our top-class products and services and always offer them more than they expect from us. After all, iwis moves the world: Our innovative technologies and expert services make sure of that. We will continue to have a global presence and open up new markets throughout the world. Step by step, we can make the impossible happen – and in so doing we can make a contribution towards solving the urgent social issues of the near future.


With our visions firmly in our sights, we shall assert our global leadership in innovation and quality. We shall thus be able to expand our global presence and impress our customers throughout the world with our competitive and innovative technologies, products and services. By a continuous process of development of both our company and our offerings, we shall open up new business areas. And because we know that we owe our success above all to the motivation, qualification and loyalty of our employees, the further development of each and every one of our team will always remain one of their primary concerns.

  • Wow our customers with first-rate service,
    delighting them again and again
  • Move the world with innovative technologies and services
  • Forge a presence on global markets
  • Make the impossible possible, or at least contribute to solving the pressing issues facing us today
  • Maintain our leadership in innovation and quality worldwide
  • Widen our global presence
  • Develop competitive and innovative technologies, products and services
  • Expand into new business areas
  • Nurture motivated, qualified and loyal employees
iwis 100 Jahre